Our Mission


Adoption of Cloud Technology in the Life Science industry is increasing at a rapid rate.  Software Defined Infrastructure (AWS, Microsoft Azure) and Cloud Enterprise Apps are here to stay.  In this"cloud era", validation approach and tool sets have to change.  ValiMation is enabling this change.

Validating a cloud app initially and after upgrades is a daunting task considering the frequency of patches, upgrades and releases.  Considering all the vendors involved and the software layers in a typical cloud stack, only way to effectively validate is by employing the "continuous validation" paradigm.  ValiMation is revolutionizing the mundane task of validation since its tool set can adopt well to the paradigm shift.  

ValiMation has introduced "eXtreme", "agile" and "continuous" validation life cycle management that is rigorous enough to meet FDA, EMA regulations and at the same time cost effective. 


Our goal is to deliver lights-out validation for any cloud app - there’s no infrastructure to buy, no consultants to hire. Our customers use the cloud app, we validate it continuously.

— Bhaskar Kende, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)