xLM Continuous Validation Managed Service

xLM platform that can "validation enable" any cloud app.  You buy any cloud app and provide us your requirements on how you plan to use it - we will manage the validation for you.  You use your cloud app and leave validation to us.


What is Continuous Validation?

Continuous validation is providing documented evidence to certify that a cloud app not only met the pre-established acceptance criteria, but “continuous” to meet thus mitigating the risk of unknown changes.  

By partnering with xLM, our customers are able to ‘validation enable’ their Cloudbyz CTMS implementations and be compliant while leveraging innovative cloud technology to achieve greater efficiency in clinical research. Our customers will be able to focus on using our cloud based solution with real-time access to its ‘Validation Health’.
— Dinesh Seshadri, CEO, Cloudbyz