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xLM for DevOps - Introducing vCD (Validated Continuous Delivery)

The main objective of this post to answer the following questions.  I know a picture is worth a thousand words and so I will do this with illustrations.

  1. Can "Validation" and "DevOps" be used in the same sentence (like vCD - Validated Continuous Delivery)?

  2. Is DevOps a viable model for validated apps in GxP Environments?

  3. How can one ensure the "validation fidelity" in a DevOps environment?

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This blog post is Part 2 in this series. What are the key steps involved in continuously validating a Cloud App? (click here for Part 1). 

The above diagram depicts the key elements of a Continuous Validation Program for a Cloud App. One has to bear in mind that the underlying IaaS and PaaS infrastructure is constantly changing. In fact, the Cloud App itself is continuously changing. In the new cloud world very rarely you are given the option of pinning to an "ancient" version. Thus this Continuous Validation Framework is designed to mitigate these risks and ensure that your cloud app is maintained in a validated state.

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