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A Step-by-Step Guide to "continuously" Qualify Microsoft Azure PaaS and Serverless Architectures

I very frequently get asked whether Azure Platform-as-a Service (PaaS which includes Serverless Architectures) can be qualified as well?  Surprisingly, this question is asked even by Azure users who agree that Azure IaaS can be qualified.  In this blog post I will provide a prescriptive guide to intelligently qualify Azure PaaS and maintain it in a qualified state (QS). 

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Dashboards & Metrics: A Clear Window into Real-time Validation

Most important and time consuming piece of any validation stack are test scripts (Installation, Operational, Performance, etc..), test executions and test results.  Validation is all about authoring test scripts, executing and documenting test results.   Whether testing is manual or automated, a lot of data is collected during validation.  Only in rare cases, one will be able to obtain real-time data on test execution, testing deviations or test coverages.  Such information will enable more efficient management of validation efforts and reduce costs.  A well designed system will provide useful dashboards and metrics to project managers as well as validation personnel.

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