ABACUS – Accelerating Business Automation and Compliance Using Software

Software Integration and Qualification of an MS SharePoint based knowledge management infrastructure for a large Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility. The system provides web based workflow, collaboration features and an electronic repository for electronic documents / files for various departments within the facility. This includes equipment/hardware/software manuals, validation documentation, CAD drawings, PLC programs, packaging documentation, batch records, stability reports, etc..  The solution incorporated ValiMation’s Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) for rapid deployment.

The solution provides users with a secure, single web-based team environment and built-in search capabilities, to help users to find information more effectively. The solution seamlessly integrates with MS Office applications such as Word; Excel, etc. Users are able to check out, edit and check-in documents directly from MS Office Applications.  Appropriate access level users are able to configure the metadata for document libraries within the system. All configurable metadata items described above are based on lists that can be modified using the solution directly. Users can create multiple views to the content within the repository based on the metadata. Workflows (for approval of documents) can be triggered either manually or by certain automatic actions within the repository (e.g. change in status of a metadata field). Custom Workflows can be created on the fly by document authors.  The solution allows appropriate users access for creating; deploying; and managing complex workflows from anywhere using a Web based Workflow designer. Workflow activities include approval; checklists; information notifications; task assignments; invoking outside COM objects / custom scripts; workflow triggers (i.e. nested workflows); MS Office document creation; create / modify / edit metadata fields within the repositories; etc. The data including documents are stored in MS SQL Server.

Services Provided

  • Hardware / Software Integration Services.
  • Compliance & Validation Services.

Major Systems / Platforms

  • MS Windows Server, Standard Edition
  • MS IIS
  • MS SQL Server, Enterprise Edition
  • MS Virtual PC
  • MS SharePoint Portal / MS Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)
  • MS Reporting Services