Continuous Validation for Track & Trace Enterprise Application


Any Track and Trace Enterprise application is a complex implementation which has many interfaces.  What are the requirements of a validation toolset for such an application?  Let us take a look.

A typical architecture diagram is as shown below.  The Pharmaceutical Company manages the Master Data, Serial Number Management, Partner Management, Country Specific Compliance, etc..   This company has to manage interfaces to its Contract Manufacturers & Packagers, 3PLs and Customers.  

The Track and Trace Software App is constantly changing:

  • Regulatory Changes

  • Data Schema Changes

  • Evolving Industry Standards

  • Country Specific Deadlines

  • Add/Remove CMOs, 3PLs, CPOs

  • Software Patches

  • New Releases

The requirements for the validation toolset are:

Continuous Validation Platform:

The validation platform that is required to meet the qualification challenges of a modern, complex Track and Trace enterprise app is in itself must be sophisticated.  xLM has developed a platform and a managed service that stacks up to this challenge.  Click here for xLM Platform details, click here to see how xLM Continuous Validation Service works and click here for xLM's process flow. 

What is the Bottomline?


xLM is well positioned to provide a cost effective and efficient managed service that fulfills the requirements of the Track and Trace scenario.  Our platform is designed to accommodate high velocity of changes with built-in support for robust testing strategies.  It incorporates modern technology and frameworks to ensure data integrity requirements are met as expected by the Regulatory Agencies.   xLM is the right track to trace validation!