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Continuous Qualification for AWS or Microsoft Azure - How is it done?

The question is "Can Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure be qualified so that Life Science companies can run validated apps on it?"   

Cloud releases updates and changes at such great velocities that leaves all validation specialists continuously wondering on how to qualify it.  Traditional strategies including GAMP 5 was never designed to address continuous changes.  These models were designed for a "waterfall" world and not an "agile" one.  It is not possible to qualify an infrastructure where changes are released without release notes with such an outdated mindset and toolset.

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Why should you select xLM as the Validation Service Provider for your Cloud App?

Compliance & Validation

xLM managed service is designed for Cloud App Validation.   It is a validated automated test platform to “certify” your cloud app.  This certification can include:

  1. Initial Validation
  2. Patch & Upgrade Validation
  3. Regression Testing
  4. New Feature Testing
  5. Performance Testing
  6. Security Testing
  7. Continuous Validation (a unique and bonus feature)
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